Rock Mat XL

The Rock Mat XL stimulates over 200,000-foot nerve endings and increases proprioception. Firm foam applies pressure to specific parts of the sole
of the foot and releases tension.

Train natural proprioceptive capacity by standing and walking on the XL Rock Mat.

Why was it created?

The Rock Mat XL was designed to enhance our current Rock Mat by providing more space to move and train on. The larger mat can cover a greater surface area for those who have lined their home gyms, clinics, and offices with it.

This product is perfect for?

  • People over 6'
  • Kitchen and large living spaces
  • Gym and Spa floors
  • Outdoor spaces such as next to the Ice Bath

Fun Fact:

The idea for the XL Rock Mat XL came directly from a head trainer at the LA Lakers. It's the perfect pre-game tool in their locker rooms.

Dimensions: 29.5" by 16.5"
The original Rock Mat is 21" x 12"