FEET 101


Ankle:It moves in two directions. Plantar flexion is when you’re sitting with your legs out infront of you and you point your toes forward and down. And Dorsiflexion is when you unpoint your toes and your feet come back to normal position with toes pointing upwards. It’s basically your natural standing position. 

Middle Foot:The metatarsal area allows for two movements which are supination and pronation. Or they can also be called inversion or eversion. This is when the weight of your body shifts from side to side and your feet hold the weight by turning in or out.

Toes:The toes can do four moves. They flex (bend) when you scrunch a towel or pick something up with your toes. They extend (straighten) this is when you go onto your tip toes. They abduct which is when you splay your toes out and they lastly adduct which is when you squeeze them together. Or when they’re unhappily squeezed into a narrow shoe!

Barefoot Shoes