Ripple Ball (NEW) US & CA

This is the tool you are never going to leave home without! It's lightweight, compact, has four powerful settings and allows for multi-directional rolling to cover all the tight spots.

This is the EI8HTBALL's long lost cousin that we can't live without.


  • Premium antibacterial silicone
  • 4 powerful settings
  • Quiet roll operation
  • 4 hour battery life, easy to charge with USB charge port
  • Compact and lightweight

Currently it’s only available in the US and Canada, other countries coming soon!


Four powerful speed variations to penetrate deep into sore and tight muscles for better recovery.


Sphere design with smooth grooves that allows you to roll in all directions to relieve tightness

Four Powerful
and Quiet Speeds

One hand button operation allows you to quickly change the speeds

Silicone Coating

The Ripple Ball is smooth to touch with a premium anti-bacterial coating that is easy to wipe clean

Hours of Relief

USB charged battery that lasts up to 4 hours when completely charged

Perfect release anytime

Use the Ripple Ball as part of your warm-up to activate, loosen, and lengthen muscles. Or as part of your post-recovery to reduce soreness

Lightweight and Compact

Easily take it to work, the gym, or while you travel. It's compact, mighty, and can be used all over the body

Powerful Vibration Therapy

Vibrations help increase blood flow, reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), treat muscle tightness, and boost recovery