Hallux Valgus (Bunion) Program (15% off launch price)

Bunions can affect your everyday life and can cause pain when running, difficulty with balance, or simply makes it painful to be in shoes. It can also affect how you feel about being barefoot.

A commonly suggested solution for Hallux Valgus is surgery, however, surgery can be costly and 10% of people who undergo it will have their bunions return. 

Our Hallux Valgus Training Program is a non-invasive solution to increasing the big toe range of motion, improving big toe function, and strengthening the overall foot. And depending on the severity of the bunion, you may see a slight to moderate cosmetic change over time with continued exercises and changing to a barefoot shoe.

The Hallux Valgus Training Program is a 12-week program delivered via PDF that can be used interactively on your phone, laptop, or tablet. 

What's included:

  • Hallux Valgus explanation. 📚
  • 12 Week Program with a cheat sheet to understand the terminology. 📱
  • Video Explainers & detailed tutorials. 📹
  • 3/4 sessions/week lasting approximately 60 mins with optional daily mobility
  • A toe mobility band 

*** These exercises were filmed using the older version of our toe spacers which are no longer available. Please see our toe spacer product page for more information about our newest model***