Strengthening your foundation

Feet can tell us a lot about the way our body moves, and how our body is feeling, but often enough they don’t get the attention they deserve. We expect our feet to just get on with it and work. They take us throughout our day and we don’t pay them much attention, until we feel some sort of pain or discomfort.

We're proud to partner with Flow Motion Fitness and share these videos with you because we want you to get to know your feet better and understand the opportunity you have to change how your feet and body feel by taking better care of them.

So, take those shoes and socks off and get ready to have your mind blown about the amazing things your feet can do!

What You'll Learn

Want to try before you buy?

If you loved our video (which I’m sure you will!) then you have to head over to their page and check out their other videos. Their programs tackle other parts of the body that are highly susceptible to injury and pain such as the knee, hip, ankle and shoulder. They also offer a Mobility Certification, so you can share their knowledge with your community. Use the code 'toespacers10' to get 10% off any of their 12 Week Programs & the Certification! Click the link below to access their other programs.

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This video is an introductory video to get you started on your journey to reclaiming the strength and mobility in your feet. If you’re wanting more, we are developing a Foot School that goes through different foot injuries, exercises for rehab and more information on how you can build a stronger foundation.

It has a limited class intake number and is only available twice a year.

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