Anyone! However, if you have serious foot problems, concerns, or diminished circulation, we recommend that you speak to a health care professional for advice.

The Toe Spacer will help realign the toes to it’s natural state for better circulation, improve flexibility and mobility and helps build the foundation for stronger instrinsic muscles in the foot. It also helps relieve pain and pressure from narrow footwear.

Start off with wearing them while seated or laying down. As your feet begin to adapt, you can increase the length of time and or add movement.

The Toe Spacer is made with high quality soft silicone.

The Rock Mat is made with Firm Foam.

We recommend to start with 15 minutes and increase the time as you wear them.

Success is dependent on how often you wear The Toe Spacer, physical activity, stages of the bunion, how often appropriate footwear is worn etc... Some movement in the big toe may be visible within a few months. It really is dependent on level of time and dedication spent on trying to reverse the bunion. The Toe Spacer can help stop the progression of a bunion in its early stages and can provide relief to the pressure from narrow shaped shoes.

We have worked with our manufacturers to ensure our Toe Spacers are made with high quality silicone that won’t easily rip or discolour. The silicone is also soft which allows you to comfortably move while they're on.

The Toe Spacers are reversible so can be worn on either left or right. The main thing is to make sure the big toe goes into the wider hole. The individual curved side should be facing your ankles. However, if you find it uncomfortable you can flip them and have the smooth side facing your ankles.

We don’t recommend wearing them in your shoes as they splay your toes and that normally doesn’t fit in every day narrow toe boxed shoes.


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