Stability Trainer PRO

The Stability Trainer PRO is a multifunctional device designed to challenge stability training, improve joint health, strengthen feet and ankles, and tone the entire body.

The wood board is suspended by heavy-duty springs and allows the board to swing in all directions from side to side, front to back, and up and down.

The robust metal frame has padded grips to strengthen the upper body with movements like tricep dips to a more challenging headstand to L-sit. 

The Stability Trainer PRO is designed for personal trainers, physiotherapists, athletes, and anyone who wants to level up their stability training. 

  • Build head-to-toe strength
  • Prevent painful strains & injuries
  • Improve joint stability
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Build core strength
  • Uncover weaknesses
  • Improve coordination
  • Free exercise chart


    USA, CA, UK, AU, NZ, SG and most of the EU


    Material: Steel pipe, wood board, heavy-duty springs

    Product size: 58x58x45cm

    Board size: 62x40x1.6cm

    Weight: 8.6KG
    Holds up to: Black springs up to 100kgs/220lbs or Grey springs 150kgs/330lbs


    Do I have to be an athlete to use it? No, we have different springs that you can interchange to increase or decrease difficulty.

    How much is Shipping? 
    Free Shipping on all US, CA and UK orders

    Is there a Warranty? 1-year limited warranty

    Who is it for? Anyone wanting to improve balance, stability, agility.