Split Mobility Wedge


The Split Mobility Wedge is a beneficial tool to improve ankle range of motion and overall ankle mobility. 

Two adjustable angles give you the lift and support you need. It's perfect for improving big-toe mobility, stretching calf muscles, improving squat depth, and adding support under challenging positions like push-ups.

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Measurements: 9.25"L x 6"W x 2"H

Materials:High-quality EVA foam that allows up to 450 lbs of weight.

Care Instructions:  Spot clean with mild detergent. Towel or air dry.

Helps with
Injury Rehab

Can be used to recover from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon injuries, shin splints, calf strains and other foot issues, as well as targeting ankle stability and range of motion.


Versatile tool that can be used for strength training or recovery/rehabilitation.

High Density
Foam Wedge

Here to support you with its high-density foam wedge that helps create a larger incline or decline for improved calf, soleus, hamstring and wrist stretches.


Perfect tool for those transitioning into barefoot training to help you reach optimal range of motion when lacking ankle flexibility

Improve ankle range of motion and overall ankle mobility

Elevating the heels during squats and particular exercises allows for greater muscle recruitment reduces stress on your lower back, and reduces the risks of injury by keeping your posture more upright under load.

Stretch your achilles

Stand on the wedge and lean into it, feeling the stretch on your achillles.

Reach a deeper squat

Using a mobility wedge is a perfect alternative to reach a deeper squat and flexibility in the ankles.